La Vie En Rose


Life in rosy hues …

We joined forces with amazing artists Sydney McSweeney and Devin Copfer to record a cover of one of our all-time favorite songs. La Vie En Rose was written by Edith Piaf back in 1945 in the aftermath of the German army’s occupation of her home of Paris during World War II. The optimistic lyrics swept up the French national spirit and resonated around the world. Over seventy years later our romantic hearts are completely inspired by and infatuated with it.

Music, like all art, is so personal. It’s also so similar to fragrance for us in that it has the ability to transport, to create a mood, to uplift … so rather than share what we think the modern day context of living life through rosy lenses translates to, we’d rather let you experience it for yourself. Perhaps it makes you think of your partner or a loved one, or maybe it’s more of a self-love message and serves as a reminder to keep a cheery outlook on whatever situation might be top of mind (slash heart).

Covered over the decades by legends like Madonna, Louis Armstrong and even Lady Gaga, but this version is (*obviously*) our favorite. Possibly biased but a lot of love went into creating this video and we hope you love it too.

xx, ST. ROSE

Artists - Sydney McSweeney + Devin Copfer
Videographers - Annie Kuhn + Kalyn French
Sound Engineer - Tony Rice
Wardrobe Stylist - Amber Rapier
Hair + Makeup Artist - Jarod Myers

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