Babes We Love | Sydney & Devin

Life in rosy hues with the babes behind our La Vie En Rose cover collaboration, Sydney McSweeney and Devin Copfer.


What does life in rosy hues mean to you?

(S) Being in love with yourself, where you are, and the environment you’ve created around you. Being secure in all of those things is living in rosy hues.

(D) We're creating our lives every single day - why not fill it with the best the world has to offer? To me, filling every day with love and light.

What made you fall in love with music?

(S) The feeling it gives me..the feeling I can give to others though music. 

(D) I was blessed to grow up in a musical home. My mother always sang standards with my sister and I, my dad made sure we knew his rock idols. Music always surrounded me and never felt like a choice to participate or not - we just did. But when I was in fourth grade, I played a piece called Humoresque by Dvorak. It was then that I maybe heard for the first time something out of my instrument that felt like I tapped into a different plane. I really did fall in love. And I knew I wouldn't stop chasing that moment.


Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?

(S) No. In grade school, I thought I wanted to be the next Mia Hamm...that phase was short lived. 

(D) Did I always know my life would look the way it does? No way. And to be honest, I always had a hard time thinking about the future. I liked focusing on the work in the moment - and choosing the work that spoke to me felt like the best next step. So I guess I didn't always know I would be an artist, but looking back on what I decided to spend my time on (practicing, creating, singing), it makes sense.

What phrase best describes how you live your life?

(S) Keep it movin’

(D) Come from gratitude and the rest will follow.


You mentioned that you are working on writing your own music, what inspires you?

(S) Yes, in the beginning stages. Recently, it’s been the people around me. Relationships close to me and some not so close. 

(D) Exactly what it is I'm struggling with at that moment. Or musical ideas that I've been hearing or messing with in my practice. 

What does a typical day look like?

(S) Wake up, sit on my phone for a bit. COFFEE. Practice, teach, dinner, and chill. Chill meaning with friends, going to see local music, or some more practicing. 

(D) Lazy wake up, morning meeting/admin work/practice/rehearsal, early afternoon practice, late afternoon teaching, evening practice/rehearsal/gig performance or attendance that goes late. Rinse and repeat.

You both have such busy lives working gigs and jobs, how do you manage to stay calm and balanced when on-the-go?

(S) I don’t stress out as long as I feel prepared for each task. If I’m not, I usually just go into “F%$k it” mode, reassuring myself that even if I sucked its not the end of the world. Although sometimes those “F%$k it” moments are the ones where I surprise myself the most. 

(D) Yoga. Deep breathing. Drinking water. Connecting with friends/family/people in the world. Making time (legit time in my schedule) for personal time/days off/breakfast with my partner.


In today’s social media focused age it can be impossible not to play the comparison game while we scroll through our feeds, how do you manage to stay in your own creative magic?

(S) I for sure have fallen down the deep hole of “omg everyone’s doing more than me, and so much better, what am I even doing...(descending into anxiety wonderland)” 

BUT everything is filtered differently through each of us. Our favorite stories we tell, what we pair our whiskey with, how we make our eggs in the morning. We all have different versions. I think now, when it seems like every idea has been taken, or someone is better than you,  it’s important to be true to you and celebrate your own path. To truly take the time and see what’s on the other end of YOUR individual filter. 

(D) Ooh this is a good question. I think social media is tricky - we need to participate in it because it's how people talk about their projects, but it also is so easy to swan-dive into a deep sadness or an intense vanity that could genuinely last weeks. I like posts that are a part of a timeline or plan - that way I feel personally separate from it, but it doesn't always work like that. The key for me is to constantly check in with why I'm sharing something. The question I ask is: why? Sometimes the answer is "i'm proud of this work" or "I want to celebrate this other artist" but sometimes the answer is "because I'm feeling myself" and that's also excellent. I find the more often I check in with myself, the more proud I am of my social media presence and therefore more likely to create that online content in a meaningful way. But mostly, I know if I lay off the judgement towards other people, I'm kinder to myself overall.

Your favorite ST. ROSE fragrance?

(S) I cant pick one. It’s definitely a tie between 1991 and Bohème!! ITS ALL SO GOOD!

(D) 1991!

Check out the La Vie En Rose cover here.

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