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Fragrance is an olfactory art form that is naked to the eye, both illusive and mysterious. Fleeting yet memorable ... an experience that is personal, addictive, and sacred.

Like any art form, fragrance is an act of expression. Wearing a fragrance is a way of saying who you are (or want to be) without having to say a word. Forever in jeans and a t-shirt, parfum for me is a way to accessorize, to feel put together in just a simple spritz. To set the tone for the day. It's like having a soundtrack following you around, this invisible power to envelope you in a mood. I love that scent has this magical ability to uplift, ground, inspire, seduce, and transport.

Growing up with my two homes of Australia and the USA so far apart has given me a constant case of nostalgia for a place just out of reach. I think that really fostered my love of fragrance and how a scent can transport you to another time, another place.

My first memories of life are living on a property in the countryside of New South Wales, Australia. The dry sweet scent of eucalyptus will forever smell like home. I love crawling into an old car with sun-worn cracked leather seats, and if it’s dusty even better. It makes me think of riding along beside my dad out into the paddocks. Mandarin reminds me of staying at my grandparents home and playing in their orange trees. There is a classic by Estée Lauder that reminds me of my mum as it was her favorite while I was little. 

I think everyone's scent memories are equally as vivid which makes fragrance so personal and so powerful ...

I started ST. ROSE because it’s what I was personally looking for ...  as a self-proclaimed earth child, I wanted to understand more clearly not only what I was applying to my skin every day but also where the ingredients were sourced. Unable to get answers, I took the leap to create what I wished existed - a collection of cleanly formulated parfums, rooted in sustainability and dedicated to transparency, without compromise to the luxurious experience inherent to fine fragrance.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point and be able to launch an uncompromising line of fine fragrances that are cleanly formulated, sustainably-sourced, gender-neutral, and intentional in philosophy and design. We believe that through art, we are able to develop timeless creations that uplift, transport, and inspire a deeper connection with mind, body, soul, and Earth.

Our fragrances are hand-crafted in small batches in New York. Every detail is obsessively scrutinized and every new product added to our curated collection is conceived with a focus of using only the highest quality materials available, omitting what isn't essential. Our high-end design details prioritize eco-friendly, responsibly sourced packaging materials which result in a renewed approach to modern luxury. 

I find inspiration from personal experiences, memories, travel, music, being in nature ... and am so fortunate to partner with an incredible fragrance house and team of perfumers that are the artists behind our compositions.  

 At ST. ROSE, we are writing a different narrative within the fragrance industry where the creative process is entwined in environmentally responsible practices with a transparent lens, offering our community full disclosure of our ingredients and their origins.

Welcome to our journey, I'm so glad you are here.

Be Well,


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