Introducing Vigilante

From the Latin ‘to be wide awake,’ ST. ROSE’s Vigilante is a bold new fragrance inspired by the alchemists of a renaissance.

As an artisanal brand creating fragrances rooted in sustainability and transparency, we are so proud to have partnered with Givaudan, global leader in the industry with a rich heritage of creating scent experiences that dates back over 250 years, on our latest fragrance to debut in our collection of gender-neutral perfumes.

Created by world renowned perfumer Linda Song, Vigilante, as the name suggests, has been inspired by the free spirits, quiet rebels and non-conformists who have inspired our world. Containing many dualities, Vigilante is both masculine and feminine, light and dark, floral and woody. A revolutionary creation, both in intention and its ingredients.

At the heart of this convention-defying luxury perfume is our signature, responsibly-sourced Australian Sandalwood, and pioneering upcycled ingredients including Moroccan Cedarwood Atlas and Rose Concentrate. With a commitment to sustainable innovation, Givaudan has developed alternative sources of key natural raw materials, exquisite new aromatic materials with an absolute respect for nature. Upcycling, also known as creative re-use, is the process of transforming side streams of raw materials to reveal new olfactive facets and offers significant environmental value.

Perfumer Linda Song, Korean-American Brooklynite and world traveler, extracts tremendous inspiration from her globe-trekking and life in general, elaborated on the scent itself. "It was Belinda's Australian background that led her to discover Givaudan's Sandalwood Spicatum, but it was the exploration of raw materials that made this a truly collaborative process. I shared my love for the upcycled Cedarwood Atlas, which tied in so perfectly with Belinda's original concept for Vigilante, paired with Australian sandalwood."

Ahead of collaborating with Song, our ST. ROSE founder and creative director, Belinda Smith, was inspired by the unconquerable human spirit of those brave individuals in her native Australia, that rose up to fight the devastating wildfires that took hold in late 2019 and continued to catastrophic proportions in early 2020. In an unprecedented year of profound revelations unfolding across the world stage, it has been that same power of quiet resistance and of mavericks working to change the status quo, bringing with them hope and optimism, that influenced the essence of this bold new fragrance.

Belinda Smith, “I’ve always loved a bit of a quiet rebel, those who in their tireless pursuits continue to push against the grain. That unconquerable spirit is inspiring and contagious. It is that essence which I hoped to capture in this new fragrance. Of all the mavericks I adore, it’s the artists who don’t just paint, compose, or write what they see, but rather what they wish the world to see; who are my favorite type of renegade. In their finished works we share a common experience and that sentiment of oneness is something I hope we all wake up to, may art inspire the way.”

From a partnership that began over a shared dedication to sustainability, meeting at the United Nation’s Equator Awards Ceremony during Climate Week last September, comes a timely collaboration that pushes boundaries for clean beauty and luxury fragrance. ‘Our greatest desire is to make this planet safer and more conscious for all humankind. What better artform than fragrance, drawing from the Earth’s most alluring aromatic materials, to inspire a deeper connection between self and nature. Creating with smart transparency from a palette of environmentally-friendly ingredients we hope to make the artistic intention behind Vigilante that much more inspiring,’ Smith.

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