Our Mission

 Born with Australian roots, raised in American spirit … ST. ROSE is a modern lifestyle brand that intersects beauty and wellness. Celebrating the ancient art of slow perfumery, our fine fragrances are hand-crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients that nourish the body, inspire the mind and feed the soul with nature's ancient elements. 

For millennia fragrance has been used in religious rituals, for spiritual cleansing, medicinal purposes and of course for cosmetic indulgences. With aromatic notes from all over the world with a mystique of their own, we believe creating with naturals offers a rich olfactive experience.

From the fragrant cliffs of Calabria, Italy where our citrus orchards overlook the sparkling crystal waters of the Ionian Sea to the vast red earth of Western Australia, that nourishes our soulful rich sandalwood with an aroma of the sun beating down on a desert terrain …

We are drawn to the story of each fragrant ingredient on our perfumer's palette and forging a relationship directly with essential oil farms throughout the world that share in our ethos to be good custodians of the earth is at the heart of our creations.

Altogether personal, addictive, sacred ... our curated collection of fragrances are inspired by travel, art, music ... and yet are designed to be reimagined by the wearer whose skin remains the most important final ingredient.

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