Sourcing | Organic Sugarcane Alcohol

Our natural artisan fragrances are handcrafted with the transportive power of nature's ancient elements combined with the innovation of green science to create sophisticated parfums that are good for you and good for the Earth.

Central to the clean formulation of our natural fragrances is the organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol sourced in Brazil.

We prefer sugarcane to other sources of alcohol as it is a far more environmentally friendly crop. An acre of cane produces double the amount of alcohol compared to corn, for instance. Far more energy efficient, sugarcane requires less land and resources.

Our alcohol is distilled from only organically farmed sugarcane which is vital to ensure that it is grown without pesticides or fertilizers eliminating the concern of these chemicals harming the environment by leaving residues that infiltrate the soil, water, or even showing up in trace amounts in finished consumer products.

Pharmaceutical grade, non-GMO and with a neutral odor profile allowing the boutique of the natural fragrance oils to unfold, our alcohol is a superior and fundamental component of our artisan parfums. 

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