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The are certain raw ingredients that are inextricable from their roots of origin, the finest roses from Grasse, tonka from Venezuela, or the most fragrant cardamom from Guatemala. Bergamot is symbiotic with the southern coast of Italy with seaside orchards lining the cliffs of Calabria scenting the air each February during harvest.

The stunning vistas overlooking the Ionian Sea, still largely untouched, were the setting of Homer's legendary 8th century poem and the journey of Odysseus through the Mediterranean. Reggio Calabria is also the location of the family-owned company Capua 1880, that has been extracting bergamot oil for perfumes and other areas of use, since 1880. It is the story of five generations of innovation-driven people, an unmatched legacy in the industry. 

A fully owned 30 hectare plantation of sustainable citrus trees based on state of the art agricultural and biodiversity principles dedicated to research and didactics.  Capua's investment into technology have led them to be able to achieve incredible environmental accolades. 

Besides sustainably sourcing our bergamot essential oil for our natural fragrances, a multi-faceted ingredient that blends beautifully with many other fragrant notes, we also source our mandarin and lemon from Capua 1880. 

"Lemon picking"The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1938

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