Naturally Clean

Naturally Clean

At ST. ROSE we naturally fall into the clean category due to our use of botanical ingredients from plants and flowers. "Clean" when used to categorize beauty is a very open ended term with individual brands each applying their own criteria so we thought it would be appropriate to 'clear the air' so to speak on our approach that is in harmony with the health of the earth.


We work exhaustively to ensure all of our ingredients on our perfumer's palette are of the highest quality and integrity with sustainable and ethical sourcing as a topmost priority. 


Our natural artisan fragrances are handcrafted using botanical ingredients that are derived from plant and flower materials. Our preference is to allow our ultimate muse, nature, to shine so we cleanly formulate without any unnecessary ingredients.


We are incredibly proud of our uncompromising luxurious natural fragrances and openly share the ingredients in our compositions so that you know what you are applying to your skin. You can view the full ingredient list on the product pages for each of our fragrances.

We do not use BHT, phenoxyethanol, or artificial colorants which are often added to cosmetic products like perfume as stabilizers to control the colour of the juice. We prefer how Mother Earth colours our compositions with her rich palette, for instance the pink peppercorn in Gypsy Cowboy giving a vibrant deep hue. 

Being a cruelty-free brand we use vegan musks however no nitro, polycyclic, or alicyclic musks are permitted. Instead, we use aroma molecules that comply with our 'good for you, good for the earth' ethos and that are approved by leading authorities, such as the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials. 

Additionally our formulations are free of parabens and phthalates.