Sourcing | Sustainable Sandalwood

Sourcing | Sustainable Sandalwood

"... when we are strong and prepared ... physically, mentally, spiritually ... we can face the future." - Clinton Farmer, Dutjahn Custodian

The Dutjahn Custodians are Traditional Gibson Desert 2nd contact Aboriginal desert nomads that have cultural responsibility to safeguard Santalum spicatum (Dutjahn) in their homelands that are situated deep in the Central Desert region, an area equal to the size of Spain.

Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils (DSO), our exclusive sandalwood provider, not only creates the most exceptional sandalwood oil that we are very lucky to have in our ST. ROSE fragrances but their vertical operation and nature-based economy is a model for how more businesses should think and operate. ⁠

Along with only 21 other recipients, Dutjahn was awarded the 2019 United Nation Equator Prize, recognized for their innovative 50/50 partnership with the Kutkabubba community in Western Australia, promoting cultural identity and supporting local livelihoods through the sustainable harvest of sandalwood oil for the global fragrance market. ⁠

As an Aussie, I am so proud that one of our favourite notes to work with, sandalwood, is not only from Australia but it is also harvested in such a beautiful and eco-conscious manner. ⁠

Through working with traditional native title holders, DSO supports Indigenous communities, who are the original custodians of the land, to continue to farm in a way that protects their land and on it, these carbon-neutralizing trees.⁠ A win for the earth, for Kutkabubba and for us all. Thank you Dutjahn for your friendship and for being such a needed source of inspiration. 

May we all start to view our daily lives, business and the effect of our actions on one another and the earth through the same lens as our Dutjahn comrades where "Everything is connected and working together in harmony." - Clinton Farmer