Open Letter From Isolation

Dear friends,

Our number one priority as a company has always been the world's wellbeing, and we are thinking of all of you in this difficult time, we hope you are well and staying safe.

Thank You

On behalf of our small ST. ROSE team, we would like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to those heroes on the front lines fighting this pandemic - nurses, doctors, and healthcare providers that are putting their own health at risk to protect ours.

Our thanks extend to those in uniform keeping our cities safe, first responders that are still showing up for those in need. Caretakers providing for our elderly or those that are unwell. Thank you to the sanitation and janitorial teams who are taking care of our garbage, cleaning and disinfecting our surroundings to slow down this virus. Thank you to individuals and organizations providing meals and comfort to children and adults living in poverty with the basic necessities that every human deserves. Thank you to those truck drivers and delivery workers still transporting supplies. And massive thank you to the grocers working overtime to keep shelves stocked.

Stay Connected.

With my own family scattered around the globe, mostly between Australia and the USA, I am grateful that my loved ones live in countries with strong resources but my heart still aches being separated from them and watching the news updates on these travel bans. Our hearts go out to the countless other's separated from friends and family right now. Thankfully we live in a time the we can set up FaceTime dates and phone catch ups. Keep checking in with each other.

Open for Business & Committed to Safety

ST. ROSE remains enduringly committed to the well-being of our community. I wanted to update you on the steps we’re taking to ensure the health of our community. We are closely following all current recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as local and federal authorities, to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. To that effect, no outside visitors have been granted access to our fulfillment centers in Ohio and New Jersey. All in-bound shipments are being sanitized. Additional sanitization efforts have been put in place for staff, and all workers are protected through the use of gloves and facial masks. For now, they all have the option to stay home, but have chosen to be there together where they feel safe and take a great deal of pride in keeping our lights on and sending self-care packages and olfactive rituals to our customers.

We are monitoring the situation on an hour-by-hour basis and are prepared to officially close our “website doors” should it be determined that is the safest for our team and our community. We will update you with any changes to shipping and delivery times.

At present, we are still very much open for business, well-stocked, and committed to providing you with quality customer care.

The Road Ahead

In fact, as a small indie brand with a growing global network, it is important we keep our ecosystem thriving and greatly appreciate our community for your support during this economic hardship we are all under.

We are already exploring new ideas and ways to connect and share our story. We'll continue to preserve, finding new ways to inspire and empower each other and offer customers healthy products that not only make them feel good - but are also nourishing for mind, body, soul ... and earth.

What do you want to hear from us? Tell us how we can interrupt the regular programming with some good vibes and positive distractions. Send us a reply here, dm us on social media. We'd love to hear from you.

Wellness is Our Greatest Luxury

If we can try to use an optimistic perspective and focus on the benefit to slowing down and focusing on investing in our health, taking up wellness rituals including sleep, exercise and healthy eating we'll be on a better path forward with a stronger mind and body. It is our hope that we can come together as a community, country and united world to heal ourselves and the earth together.


Be Well,


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