We like to celebrate our love for Mother Earth every day, all year long. We do this in every choice we make, in our shipping department choosing our packaging carefully, in product development opting for eco-friendly and recyclable materials, in our supplier partnerships working with essential oil farms and vendors that share in our ethos to be mindful stewards to the earth.

Looking ahead to Earth Day 2019 on 4.22, we are using a little extra introspection. How can we do even better? How can we personally create meaningful change, even on however small a scale and inspire that effort to catch on? How can we make it easier for each other to all be conscientious consumers? 

When it comes to matters that make our fashion and beauty loving hearts flutter, we love to flex our consumer choice muscle by shopping the list below of some of our fave eco-conscious brands:


Share your thoughts, let us know what is important to you by reaching us via email at or IG @st._rose. 

Remember love, you have so much power. Don't be discouraged but rather be inspired and empowered.