Stop & Smell The Roses

We know what it means but we decided to turn to the 'experts' to help us define it. Here's what our google hit returned with .... "To relax; to take time out of one's busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life." Freaking love that. 🌹#strosebabe



StRose-47.jpg StRose-71rituel.jpg StRose-78.jpg StRose-147.jpg StRose-84blanc.jpg StRose-81blanc.jpg StRose-143.jpg StRose-182.jpg StRose-170.jpg StRose-174.jpg StRose-93.jpg StRose-159.jpg StRose-166.jpg StRose-138.jpg StRose-99.jpg StRose-49.jpg StRose-104.jpg

“Named for the pure and innocent side of beauty and the patron saint of gardeners, ST. ROSE was founded on the idea of creating the highest quality, small batch fragrance and beauty products using natural skin-safe ingredients sustainably sourced directly from local essential oil producers throughout the world.”

- founder, Belinda Smith