Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set

Discovery Set

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We believe shopping for fragrance is an intimate experience best enjoyed at your leisure. The Discovery Set offers a flight of all six of our signature fragrances. Enjoy an aromatic escape from the comfort of your home as you discover your new signature.

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Note that this product and our sample sizes are final sale.

The Discovery Set flight includes a 2.0 ml sample of the following:
Circa 91fresh and ozonic
Desert Nomad smoky woods
Grand Larcenysensual bouquet
Gypsy Cowboyspicy aromatic
Juliet In Whiteaddictively delicate
Vigilanteunforgettable woods

Please see individual product pages for full ingredient lists.

  • Over 97% Natural Origin Ingredients
  • Gender-neutral for All Humankind

Natural perfumes need time to breathe to fully unfold and reveal their facets in entirety with the immediate impression of the top note leading to the deeper middle notes, and the base notes gradually appearing as the finale. Continue to appreciate the dry down of this symphony of natural essences from plants and flowers for at least twenty minutes to fully appreciate the composition.

Your skin is the most important ‘ingredient’ in perfumery. Apply to pulse points and enjoy how the perfume dances on skin in an entirely personal way as it combines with your unique pH.

Discovering a new signature is a bit like dating. Take your time and try each "on for size" by wearing on skin (not just smelling out of the bottle or on paper). Your perfect match might suprise you.

Save unused perfume samples to test drive again when the season changes and our skin reacts differently.

Or take these perfect travel companions along for the journey. (TSA approved)

Rooted in the art of nature, with an absolute commitment to sustainability and transparency, our fine fragrances are handcrafted with the highest-quality and ethically sourced botanical materials from plants and flowers as well as skin safe naturally derived aroma molecules.


✓ Natural Origin
✓ Green Science
✓ Transparent
✓ Vegan
✓ Cruelty-Free
✓ Leaping Bunny Certified


x Phenoxyethanol
x Parabens or Pthalates
x Nitro, Poly or Alicyclic Musks
x Artificial Colorants or Synthetic Dyes
x Compromises


Our product formulations are our topmost priority and we remain vigilant to ensure that every single essence brought onto our perfumers’ palette adheres to our stringent guidelines for human and environmental health. Every ingredient we use is ethically harvested, organic when possible, and sourced with traceability from its native region for the purest quality and minimal environmental stress.


We prioritize working with ingredients that are sourced directly from cooperatives and farmers at origin. Sourcing at origin not only secures the supply chain and quality of key natural ingredients but by working directly with producers we are able to contribute to more stable incomes for smallholder producer families and their communities.


We are very intentional in our material selections while not cutting any costs when it came to quality. The parfum glass bottle and cap are crafted in Nice, France. Our packaging is constructed in the USA and cut from FSC Certified board produced with renewable green electricity and 100% post-consumer fiber. 


Our products are compounded, filled, and shipped by some of the world’s best perfumers and a team of committed people to our shared ethos, all within a 100 mile span of our New York home.

Our Recycle Program encourages customers to mail their empty Eau de Parfum (50ml) bottles back to us for proper disassembly and recycling processing. As a thank you for joining in our efforts to reduce waste, customers will be sent a $25 gift card towards their next Eau de Parfum purchase.

Our Commitments

As a mission driven brand we are committed to creating a sustainable future with our communities and have been a 1% for the Planet business, giving back for every sale since day one.

We proudly work with international reforestation charity, One Tree Planted, by planting a tree* for every purchase as well as donating to the Aboriginal-lead nonprofit attached to our Australian sandalwood farm. Our current focus is supporting their youth art programs to advance storytelling and culture in Australia's remote desert communities.

Currently Planting In:

We are supporting the restoration of native** trees in the Australian state of New South Wales following the devastating Australian bushfire crisis of 2019/2020.

*Over one year a mature tree will take up about 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and in exchange release oxygen. 

1 purchase = 1 tree = 22 kg of CO2 sequestered. 

**Species planted are predominantly drought-tolerant Eucalypts, woody-stemmed Acacias, and rainforest trees that are endemic to the area. 



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Arden Fanning
Los Angeles, CA USA

I don't know if I've ever received a fragrance discovery set where I would quite literally purchase every single scent in its full-size glory. Each stunning perfume is sustainably and cleanly formulated, gender-neutral, and divinely transportive.

Erin Jahns
Los Angeles, CA USA

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Addison Aloian
New York, NY USA

If You're Searching For Your Next Signature Fragrance, ST. ROSE Has You Covered. The gender-neutral perfume brand does head-turning scents well.

Melissa Mason
Sydney, NSW Australia

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