"To me, fragrance is art, it’s a form of expression, a way of saying who you are (or want to be) without having to say a word. There is such poetic magic in the world of perfume. Just as a beautiful song will send shivers down your spine or a painting leave you breathless, fragrance has the power to inspire and move you ... to truly transport you ..." - Belinda


I started ST. ROSE because it’s what I was personally looking for. 

As a lover and heavy consumer of fragrance, I wanted to understand more clearly what I was applying to my skin every day. I found myself extremely frustrated by the lack of transparency that exists in the fragrance industry. Unable to get specific ingredients (not just fragrant notes) of the perfumes that I had been wearing, I went looking for a natural alternative but the hunt came up short. Personally, I was disappointed by the disconnect of clean options with the luxurious experience of fine fragrance I was accustomed to. 

It’s been a long journey to get to this point and be able to launch this clean beauty brand with a collection of elevated natural fine fragrances for the modern woman. 

My goal is to inspire every woman who falls in love with one of our fragrances to feel like the babe she is every day. Confident in what she is wearing and empowered by how it makes her feel. 

I believe beautiful, better made and safer products for everyone and the earth begins with a more mindful process, beginning to end. ST. ROSE perfumes are truly artisan made. I work with our perfumers from several months to potentially years in order to formulate a final fragrance that will be added to our portfolio.

Our team works in small batches to compound and hand bottle every single ST. ROSE product.

When you wear one of our fragrances, you know that a lot of consideration and craftmanship has been poured into its creation.

I find inspiration from personal experiences, memories, travel, music ... some fragrances start knowing the notes right away like actors that will star in a movie. Then other perfumes start with a very different process ... more of a fluid art where an image or a song or a mood, an idea will direct the show ... and then I get to work with my fragrance house and team of perfumers casting the players - the notes that will marry together and create the final product.  

I love the romance in being swept back through memories or to unseen worlds with fragrance as your guide.
"Growing up with my two worlds so far apart has given me a constant case of nostalgia for a place just out of reach. I think that really fostered my love of fragrance and how a scent can transport you to another time, another place."


My first memories of life are living on a property in the countryside of New South Wales, Australia. The scent of eucalyptus will forever smell like home. I love crawling into an old car with sun-worn cracked leather seats, and if it’s dusty even better. It makes me think of riding along beside my dad out into the paddocks. Mandarin reminds me of staying at my grandparents home and playing in their orange trees. There is a classic by Estée Lauder that reminds me of my mum as it was her favorite while I was little. 

I think everyone's scent memories are equally as vivid which makes fragrance so personal and so powerful ...

 At ST. ROSE, we are writing a different narrative within the fragrance industry and the focus of that story is our modern muse. She is our ST. ROSE babe, the one that owns her femininity as a force to be reckoned with. Never apologizing for any of the contradictions she is allowed. Soft and strong. A delicate rose but be careful of her thorns.

So glad you are here.

x. B