Our artisan fragrances are hand-crafted in New York with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients that nourish the body, inspire the mind, and feed the soul with nature's ancient elements.

We are enduringly committed to using only the highest-quality natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. It is for this reason that we are focused on forging relationships directly with essential oil farms throughout the world that share in our ethos to be good custodians of the earth. Using natural ingredients is more costly, but it is something we stand behind.

All of our ingredients undergo a strict vetting process before being officially adopted onto our perfumer's palette. This review process is directed by our standards for human and environmental health, our 'Good for you, good for the earth' credo. 

Ingredients must be safe, conflict free and not sourced from animals. If we are unable to find a responsible source we either omit the ingredient or use a skin-safe aroma molecule alternative. 


Yes Natural and Naturally-derived (97.5% or Above)

Yes Skin-Safe and Biodegradable Aroma Molecules

Yes Conscious and Sustainable Sourcing

Yes Cruelty-free and Vegan

Yes Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol

Yes Organic Jojoba Oil

Yes Tocopherol and Natural Antioxidants


Never BHT

Never Phenoxyethanol

Never Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates 

Never Nitro, Polycylic or Alicyclic Musks

Never Artificial Colorants