From Seed to Bottle

"Named for the pure and innocent side of beauty and the patron saint of gardeners, ST. ROSE was founded on the idea of creating the highest quality, small batch fragrance and beauty products using natural skin-safe ingredients sustainably sourced directly from local essential oil producers throughout the world.”

ST. ROSE has been created with the highest quality, skin-safe ingredients, transparency and ethical practices as the topmost priority. 

It is our desire that when you wear ST. ROSE that you feel beautiful, inspired and confident, like the total babe you are. To us that confidence starts with knowing that your fragrance, sprayed onto your skin every day, is free from harmful ingredients. What a buzz kill it would be to find out that products intended to make you feel more beautiful were created out of an ugly practice, to the earth or the creatures that dwell upon it. For this reason, we have strict standards,  for ourselves, for our suppliers and partners, to ensure that ST. ROSE provides beautiful fragrances that are both good for your skin and the earth.

Our promise - plain and simple.

No Parabens
No Sulfates
No Phthalates
Always Vegan
Always Cruelty-free

    Skin First

    Safe ingredients. Clean formulas. Beautiful Scents.

    At ST. ROSE, our products use only natural ingredients as much as possible yet just because something is natural doesn't mean it is safe. Natural ingredients can be responsible for allergies in people, especially citrus or floral essential oils. That’s why we have a 'Skin First Policy' and also use safe synthetic ingredients when necessary. We proudly blend natural botanical-based and safe natural-derived ingredients to ensure our products are skin safe and meet guidelines set by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and comply with the RIFM (The Research Institute of Fragrance Materials) Standards. 

    Loved By Mother Earth

    A true act of love, in addition to creating a curated portfolio that celebrates the founder's respect for simplistic design and function, fragrances are inspired by places dear to her heart. We are constantly growing our relationship with cooperatives and farms directly and choose to work with suppliers whose ethos mirrors our own focus on being good stewards to the earth.

    All products are hand bottled by the ST. ROSE team in small quantities which allow us to reduce our environmental impact, while creating a special experience for our amazing customers.

    From seed to bottle, we believe that beauty and sustainable practices go hand in hand. As a small business ourselves, we have chosen to support artisan makers, suppliers and farms. Our products are made in the founder's homes of Australia and the United States, a priority to keep our greenhouse gas emissions low and support universal ethical labour standards for employees.

    ST. ROSE is committed to limiting our environmental impact not only through our sourcing and supply chain but on a direct, daily basis in our studio headquarters and shipments. Choosing lower impact materials and processes are key.  Every ST. ROSE product comes packaged in a reusable cotton muslin bag. Perfect for transporting your signature fragrance wherever you go.

    Rebel With A Cause

    Is it good enough? Simply, no it isn't and we have an insatiable desire to continue to push boundaries. It is not only our intention but our mission every day to carry these values forward with each new product, and to continually evaluate our Best Practices in order to consistently ensure our formulations provide the most efficacious skin-nuturing benefits possible, improve our supply chain and understand our environmental impact. 

    We hope you enjoy your ST. ROSE items as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.