The Cool Factor™

Lowering the Earth's thermostat

YOUR IMPACT | For every ST. ROSE purchase, a tree is planted.

We believe that our well-being is interconnected with the health of the Earth. We have an absolute responsibility to protect and take vigilant care of what nourishes us. We each borrow resources from the planet every single day. Through our eco-benefical philanthropy platform, The Cool Factor™, we offer a powerful way to give back. Join our fight against climate change. Let's lower the Earth's thermostat, together.

For every ST. ROSE purchase we plant and protect native trees in threatened ecosystems. The benefit to planting trees is not only generating a carbon offset but also protecting wildlife and supporting local communities.

Why trees?

Trees truly have the power to keep our earth cool. Trees perform three major climate functions: They absorb carbon dioxide, which they pull from the atmosphere, creating a cooling effect; their dark green leaves absorb light from the sun, and they draw water from the soil, which evaporates into the atmosphere, creating low clouds that reflect the sun's hot rays (a mechanism known as evotranspiration that also leads to cooling).

Over one year a mature tree will take up about 22 kilograms, or 48 pounds, of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and in exchange release oxygen. (source)

1 purchase = 1 tree = 48 lbs of CO2 sequestered. 

currently planting in ...

New South Wales, Australia