Unforgettable Woods

From the Latin ‘to be wide awake,’ comes a bold olfactive revelation. An unconventional and daring creation that plays with the hypnotizing dualities of light and dark.

This fragrance exudes a dark sensuality powered by an unconventional raw material, upcycled cedarwood atlas, a uniquely luxurious wood with a leather profile. The spicy allure of upcycled rose with a distinctive tobacco facet is opposed by Australian sandalwood from the mysterious base revealing a fragrance full of complexity and contrast.


I've always been a fan of ST. ROSE's sustainably sourced fragrances, and the perfumery's freshest proposal - Vigilante - is the scent I want to wear all season.


Designing any clean fragrance is no small feat ... other elements of the launch include upcycled materials, such as moroccan cedarwood atlas and rose concentrate.