Desert Nomad - Perfume Oil
Desert Nomad - Perfume Oil
Desert Nomad - Perfume Oil
Desert Nomad - Perfume Oil

Desert Nomad - Perfume Oil

L'Huile Parfum 10 ml - 0.34 fl. oz.

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Music up, windows down and no fixed destiantion in mind. Roaming where the sun leads and pausing only for a spiritual sojourn beneath wide open skies. This warm Soulful Woods is a quietly addictive scent, both scared and sensual. A fitting companion for the heart of a wanderer.


Top: Bergamot, Neroli
Heart: Iris, Clary Sage
Base: Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Vetiver

PROPERTIES to feed the soul 

The documented use of sandalwood dates back 4000 years to India, Egypt, Greece and Rome where many temples and structures were built from the wood. With it's calming aroma aiding in meditation, sandalwood is believed to open the third eye and align the chakras. Known as the "the wish-fulfiller" it is believed that the scent of sandalwood is helpful in awakening the energy of your desires into the field of manifestation. 

PERSONAL daily rituals

Apply liberally and wear daily as a reminder to inhale all the good things in life. For the ultimate experience at home and on the road layer the Eau de Parfum and Perfume Oil for an olfactive sensory experience as needed. 

With no official definition of "natural" by the FDA we thought it important to clarify what is inside of our bottles ...

Our natural fragrances are crafted with pure plant essences and oils from around the world. The rawness of nature is awe-inspiring and wild. It is both sensual and spiritual. This is the essence we desire to evoke in every individual - a raw and personal response felt with the mind, body and soul.

To us, synthetic alternatives lack the heart of the living essence they replicate. Nature's ancient elements also provide a wholistic health benefit beyond perfumery but also to homeopathy, herbology and aromatherapy with a mystique and allure imprinted in the DNA of where they were grown.

Creating in small batches, our products are hand-compounded and bottled in New York, USA.

Crafted by Steven Orson

Senior Perfumer and past President and Chairman of the prestigious American Society of Perfumers as well as chair to numerous committees including four symposiums. Steve is a creative expert with natural fragrance raw materials. He is a performing musician and his exhaustive pursuit of information as he dives into books, music and culture lends to his inspiration in his olfactive creations. 

We believe in a wholistic approach to beauty, in the intrinsic and inseparable aspect of our health to living well and feeling good. We believe this stems from nourishing both the body and soul with only the best ingredients.

Loved by Mother Earth and the ones in the know, our products are sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible, vegan and never tested on animals.




A mixtape, inspired by the journey, for your auditory pleasure.