Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil

Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil

L'Huile Parfum 10 ml - 0.34 fl. oz.

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This Spiced Woods eau de parfum opens with a rugged rose bouquet not for the faint of heart. An arresting, almost combative fragrance for the trailblazers and rule breakers. Reminiscent of the mystery and allure the explorers of the Silk Road would have experienced, the contrast of these ancient elements plays off one another into a scent that unfolds into a hypnotic smolder.


Top: Pink Pepper, Ginger, Cardamom
Heart: Rose, Incense
Base: Amber, Oud

PROPERTIES to feed the soul 

Peppercorn’s properties as a warming herb is a stimulant to invigorate and cleanse. It can help with focus and clarifying thoughts. In Persian astrology peppercorn was thought to invoke the planetary influence of Venus for granting one’s hearts desire.

PERSONAL daily rituals

Apply liberally and wear daily as a reminder to inhale all the good things in life. For the ultimate experience at home and on the road layer the Eau de Parfum and Perfume Oil for an olfactive sensory experience as needed. 

With no official definition of "natural" by the FDA we thought it important to clarify what is inside of our bottles ...

Our natural fragrances are crafted with pure plant essences and oils from around the world. The rawness of nature is awe-inspiring and wild. It is both sensual and spiritual. This is the essence we desire to evoke in every individual - a raw and personal response felt with the mind, body and soul.

To us, synthetic alternatives lack the heart of the living essence they replicate. Nature's ancient elements also provide a wholistic health benefit beyond perfumery but also to homeopathy, herbology and aromatherapy with a mystique and allure imprinted in the DNA of where they were grown.

Creating in small batches, our products are hand-compounded and bottled in New York, USA.

Crafted by Delphine Perdon Rupnow

Delphine has worked as a perfumer around the globe in Singapore, Europe and the United States. Born in France, she spent her early childhood near the French Alps, where the abundance of natural herbs, wild berries, woods and flowers ignited her olfactive curiosity. Her passion for fragrance grew as she went on to earn two Master’s Degrees: the first in organic chemistry at the University of Versailles and another in flavors and fragrances at the University of Montpellier.

We believe in a wholistic approach to beauty, in the intrinsic and inseparable aspect of our health to living well and feeling good. We believe this stems from nourishing both the body and soul with only the best ingredients.

Loved by Mother Earth and the ones in the know, our products are sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible, vegan and never tested on animals.




A GYPSY COWBOY mixtape for your auditory pleasure.