Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil
Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil

Gypsy Cowboy - Perfume Oil

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This Spiced Woods eau de parfum opens with an arresting, almost combative rose bouquet not for the faint of heart. Reminiscent of the mystery and allure the explorers of the Silk Road would have experienced. The contrast of these ancient elements plays off one another into a scent that unfolds into a hypnotic smolder.


Top: Pink Pepper, Ginger, Cardamom
Heart: Rose, Incense
Base: Amber, Oud


Peppercorn, as a warming herb, serves to stimulate, invigorate and cleanse. It can help with focus and clarifying thoughts. In Persian astrology peppercorn was thought to invoke the planetary influence of Venus for granting one’s heart’s desire.


Apply liberally and wear daily as a reminder to inhale all the good things in life. 

Hand-crafted in an NYC facility powered by renewable energy our artisanal fragrances are created using the highest-quality natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. 

Due to the use of natural ingredients each batch has its own unique bulk tone.


ST. ROSE is reinventing the world of luxury through a new approach, where the creative process is entwined in sustainable practices with a transparent lens, empowering consumers with the knowledge of what they are nourishing their mind, body and soul with every day. Our natural creations inspire wellness rituals that extend outside the aisle of cosmetic and into realms of aromatherapy, the ancient applications of fragrance. 

Yes Natural and Naturally-derived (97.5% or Above)

Yes Skin-Safe and Biodegradable Aroma Molecules

Yes Conscious and Sustainable Sourcing

Yes Cruelty-free and Vegan

Yes Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol

Yes Organic Jojoba Oil

Yes Tocopherol and Natural Antioxidants

Never BHT

Never Phenoxyethanol

Never Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates

Never Nitro, Polycylic or Alicyclic Musks

Never Artificial Colorants