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Our Perfumer's Palette

Our Perfumer's Palette

A Highly Vetted Library of Skin-safe Aromatic Materials

The luxurious quality of our eco-responsible fine fragrance compositions is the result of using only the highest-quality and responsibly sourced natural ingredients.


Every ingredient we use is ethically harvested, organic when possible, and sourced with traceability from its native region for the purest quality and minimal environmental stress.

We partner with farms and co-operatives throughout the world who share in our committed ethos to protect the beauty of the natural world.

Botanical extracts combine with the innovation of green science, including our exclusive palette of upcycled raw materials, to deliver luxurious, long-wearing and the most cleanly formulated perfumed products possible.

✓ For All Humankind
✓ Natural Origin
✓ Green Science
✓ Transparent
✓ Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Leaping Bunny Certified
✓ Circular
✓ Climate Action


Distinct scents - One common note.

A coveted ingredient in perfumery and steeped in mysticism, sandalwood contains one of the highest plant vibrations. For centuries, it has been believed to open the third eye, align the chakras, offer spiritual transcendence, and ground us with the Earth.

Signature to the ST. ROSE collection is our wild harvested sandalwood from an indigenous-owned farm in Western Australia. Utilizing ancestral knowledge that dates back 60,000 years in how best to care for the land, they have won countless awards in recognition for their business model which bridges traditional practices with modern technology.

We source our ingredients through three primary pathways; sourcing naturals at origin, utilizing upcycling methodologies and implementing green science to create safe ingredients for skin and Earth.

AMBROFIX Fragrance Molecule Green Science Amber note that brings a warm woody sensuality to compositions 100% Renewable Carbon, Biodegradable, Gentle to skin & Earth
AMBRETTE SEED Natural Australasia Plant-based musk brings a sensual feel that lingers throughout the fragrance Socially Responsible, Sustainable
AMBRETTOLIDE Fragrance Molecule Green Science A macrocyclic musk with an exceptional diffusion and a very fine character 100% Renewable Carbon, Biodegradable, Gentle to skin & Earth
BENZOIN Natural Laos A gourmand vanilla with shades of cinnamon and dry tobacco Socially Responsible, Sustainable
BERGAMOT*  Natural & *Upcycled  Italy Uplifting, cozy, and luxurious, the aroma of Bergamot is lightly floral and citrus forward. Socially Responsible, Sustainable, Upcycled
CEDARWOOD* *Upcycled Morocco A rich and sophisticated woody note, which reminds precious woods and leather, cabinet making, and marquetry, with apricot kernel and fig shades undertones. Socially Responsible, Sustainable, Upcycled
CLARY SAGE Natural France A wild herb with a powdery green and herbaceous quality. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
CISTUS Natural Spain This essntial oil is popular in amber, spice, and chypre type fragrances. The aroma of this essential oil is warm, woody, deep, herbaceous, and lemony. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
ELEMI Natural Asia This tree resin gives a fresh, green elements with spicy facets that compliments woody undertones Socially Responsible, Sustainable
EUCALYPTUS* *Upcycled Australasia Eucalyptus is an unmissable note in perfumery with a powerful herbaceous note, our upcycled element is more fruity and cassis bud than virgin oil. Socially Responsible, Sustainable, Upcycled
GERANIUM Natural Eygpt Incredible nostalgic. Fresh, earthy, rose and lemon. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
ISO E SUPER Fragance Molecule Green Science Possibly the most loved aroma molecule. It softens and gives a “skin” effect. Warm and ambery with a trace of patchouli. Biodegradable, Gentle to skin & Earth
JASMINE Natural India Jasmine is renowned as one of the most seductive notes in perfumery. Jasmine is linked to wellbeing and optimism. The flower is thought to uplift one's psyche and induces feelings of sensual desire. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
LAVENDAR Natural France Iconic to Provence, France where it has been one of the oldest perfume ingredients. A functional fragrance ingredient with widely known aromatherapy properties, its calming scent can be desribed as herbaceous, floral, sweet, and softly woody. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
MANDARIN Natural Italy A sweet citrus that is deeper than orange. A beautiful perfume top note with flowers, ambers, and woods. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
MYSTIKAL Fragrance Molecule Green Science Exclusive note to our fragrance house, gives off that incensey signature that we love so much. 100% Renewable Carbon, Biodegradable, Gentle to skin & Earth
NEROLI Natural Morocco Soft and sweet, neroli has a delicate aroma that starts out slightly green and bitter and becomes more sweet and floral. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
PATCHOULI Natural Indonesia Patchouli is renowned as a natural aphrodisiac and mood-booster. The essential oil harmonises the body’s main energy forces at the navel, heart and crown; a great balancer and relaxer. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
PINK PEPPER Natural USA With a feminine appeal, pink pepper is highly popular in modern perfumery. A soft spice with an underlying sweet, rosy facet that makes it a popular ingredient in floral fragrances. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
ROSE* *Upcycled France, Turkey The most sustainable natural rose currently in existence within the fragrance industry and its unique aroma is otherworldly, maintaining the opulence of the queen of flowers but with a darker and mysterious facet. Socially Responsible, Sustainable, Upcycled
SAFFRON Natural India & Middle East A hypnotizing spice both bold and woody with a rich imprint from its origins. Beautiful in rose and oud chypre type scents. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
SANDALWOOD Natural Australia Our olfactory signature, this beautiful resinous wood gives a warming amber opening and gives off an iconic creamy, exotic wood signature Socially Responsible, Sustainable
TEA Accord Multiple In perfumery, tea notes are usually abstract blends of natural and synthetic ingredients that emulate the calming, light, floral, citrus and herbal qualities of tea. 100% Renewable Carbon, Biodegradable, Gentle to skin & Earth
VETIVER Natural Haiti With an elegant and smoky aroma, vetiver is highly prized in the fragrance industry for its natural synergy with other raw materials. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
YLANG YLANG Natural Comoros Islands A multifaceted floral aroma that adds a rich floralcy with bright, ethereal top notes. Ylang ylang has a fruity sweet-floral heart and a warm, skin-like dry down. Socially Responsible, Sustainable
Ingredient Transparency

Ingredient Transparency

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