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ST. ROSE founder, Belinda Smith, in conversation with ICON ...

"In a market saturated with brands often overlooking the deeper implications of their practices, ST. ROSE stands out as a beacon of luxury, cleanliness, and consciousness, redefining the essence of fragrance." - Benjamin Judd, ICON


"Whenever I wear it, I get what is universally recognised as the best compliment to receive: “Wow, you smell amazing”.”

"I love perfume and there's this new brand called ST. ROSE, it's sustainable, it's Australian. The one I'm wearing right now is Grand Larceny, I think that's such a cool name for a perfume." - Piper Perabo, actress

"If You're Searching For Your Next Signature Fragrance, ST. ROSE Has You Covered. The gender-neutral perfume brand does head-turning scents well. I first discovered ST. ROSE fragrance in Venice, Los Angeles. That is the exact place you'd expect to find someone wearing the intoxicating, what-are-they-wearing-I-need-it scents ..."

"Belinda Smith has always used natural ingredients in products for her fragrance brand ST. ROSE, but in developing the perfume “Vigilante,” she went a step further and incorporated upcycled ingredients, including wood shavings from Moroccan cabinetry and already-pressed rose petals, which both had been destined for the trash."

"Even at first glance, there's something alluring about this fragrance. The devious name. The simplicity of the bottle. Take a whiff, and you'll probably fall in love. With hints of bergamot, ylang ylang, tobacco, and cedarwood, there's nothing about this perfume that isn't sexy."

"I would quite literally purchase every single scent in its full-size glory. Each stunning perfume is sustainably and cleanly formulated, gender-neutral, and divinely transportive."