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Effortlessly cool is how we’d describe our chief perfumer, Linda Song, whose Korean-American heritage and love for travel brings a refreshingly modern perspective to her artistry.

"We love working with naturals because they are fragrances all on their own."

The creation of perfume is both an art and a science; combining the ancient art of using nature’s palette to compose a sensorial and emotive masterpiece married with the science of organic chemistry - a keen understanding of how fragrant molecules build upon each other to create a harmonious symphony that will dance on skin. Linda’s background serves her well in this fusion of disciplines first completing her degree in biology and science before traveling abroad to France where she discovered the field of fragrance ...

“I was doing a lot of reading and wondering what I was going to do with my future. I read an article about a chemist who was creating a molecule for the beauty industry. And it was just sort of a lightbulb moment that went off for me.”

The more she read about the intersection of chemistry and beauty, she discovered the prestigious perfumery school, ISIPCA Paris, at Versailles. There, Song found a masters program that connected both fragrance and cosmetics. “With my biology background, I thought it was natural to go into that path. Then, I had my first olfactive class and I was just blown away. We smelled an essential oil of rose and an absolute and I just could not believe that this was a job or an industry I fell in love with the raw materials,” said Song.

Song has spent her career working from the New York creative studio at one of the world’s most eminent international fragrance houses, Givaudan, where she has composed some of the most iconic fragrances on the market today, including many of our widely loved perfumes such as award-winning Vigilante.

"Being a perfumer today is exciting as we are experiencing new perspectives on diversity.”