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Mathilde Bijaoui is an award-winning master perfumer under french fragrance house, MANE. Bijaoui was born in Paris with a double heritage: her father's exuberant North African culture and her mother's traditional French upbringing providing her with a unique view into the world of the senses. Beginning, of course, with olfaction, the one around which everything is organized, with this irrepressible and ageless desire to smell that which surrounds her. Initiated into the world of the senses by her father, a music producer, and in a family context where the kitchen held pride of place, Mathilde had very early on been attentive to her perceptions.

“Perfumery is a language. Composition is the translation of an artistic vision of life, something between pure creation, interpretation and affirmation.”

Everything began with love at first sight. At 12 years old, the girl who grew up near Versailles discovered the profession of perfumer. It was thanks to a conference at the neighboring Osmothèque – the conservatory of fragrances from the past – that this happened. Next, she frequented ISIPCA on open days. To go there officially, she completed a university degree in science and secured a work-study in evaluation at IFF. Formulation continued to be her calling, however, and it was MANE that employed her as a junior perfumer, in Le Bar-sur-Loup. The composition house had faith in her and for good reason. Her aptitude was boundless. After eighteen years in Paris, she joined the MANE creative team of New-York in 2022. 

Bijaoui has composed some of the most iconic fragrances on the market today, including compositions for Jo Malone, BDK, Etat Libre d’Orange, and Narcisco Rodriguez. L'été 67 is the first perfume by Mathilde to debut in the ST. ROSE collection.

“When I read a formula, I see colors; materials also evoke textures for me. I have an intimate relationship with ingredients.”