Campaign | A Revelation

If someone asked you what your biggest revelation from this year has been, what would your answer be?

In celebration of the launch of our newest fragrance, Vigilante, from the Latin 'to be wide awake', which was inspired by the rebellious spirit of hope we collaborated with some amazing individuals throughout the world that have been inspiring us this year. The campaign was captured by Heather Hazzan entirely over Zoom, fitting for this wild year and also a suitably unconventional photoshoot for an unconventional new fragrance.

At the heart of this convention-defying parfum for both men and women is the innovative use of upcycled Moroccan Cedarwood Atlas Absolute. A revolutionary ingredient that pushes boundaries for sustainable creation and offers a deeply mysterious wooded back to a fragrance with hypnotizing dualities. An olfactive revelation both in intention and it's ingredients.

Our biggest revelation, how powerful and uniting hope is ... what’s yours?

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