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Join us in celebrating the launch of our newest perfume to debut in the ST. ROSE fine fragrance collection, L'été 67. Translating to Summer of '67, ( pronounced l’ay-tay ) this perfume captures the romance and nostalgia of a golden summer from another era

The Inspiration

One of the most special aspects of fragrance is their ability to transport us. When identifying a white space in the collection for a solar scent I wanted this new creation to take the wearer not just to a holiday location but to also time travel. Setting out to create a brief to share with our perfumers, I began where I always do ... with a mood board and playlist to help me distill the energy of this fragrant idea I have in my mind.

Photography is one of my favourite forms of visual art and I especially love the works of Slim Aarons and Henry Diltz. Scenes of soirées and backstage rockstars from the 60's and 70's quickly flooded my desk but it was one photo in particular I kept coming back to - this single image could have literally been the brief on its own. It was a photo of forever muse, to me personally and thus also this brand, Brigitte Bardot captured at the helm of her Riva luxury speedboat in Saint-Tropez by Jean-Pierre Bonnotte.

Sex icon, fashion icon, former actress, singer, and model turned animal rights activist, Bardot does that French cool girl thing effortlessly. She makes me want to never brush my hair and start applying a generous amount of black kohl eyeliner. Chic in a white bikini she stands with wind blown hair behind the wheel cutting waves with her Riva across blue waters. This strength and elegance, contrast of soft and fierce, the masculine and feminine energy equally charged in a scene of obvious joy and exhilaration ... that is what I wanted to capture. With a heavy dose of sun and salt. 

The audio vibe backstory is similar in that I had a playlist full of bossa nova and songs hailing from the 60's Yé-yé movement but like my 3 year old son who hears a great jam and demands 'again, again, again' until we all have every lyric memorized to heart there was one song I had on repeat, "Summer Wine" by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. 

Combine the image and song and you have the brief for a summer clad Femme fatale. 

Meet the visionaries, Freddy & Mathilde ...

I turned to the one and only Frédéric Pignault, friend, business partner and brilliant artistic director to help me breathe life into the vision. The scent itself was developed by renowned and award-winning French perfumer at MANE, Mathilde Bijaoui. 

(Meet Mathilde and hear her speak to L'été 67)

Numbers repeat and this story is wildly kismet ...

There is a saying, good things take time and better things take longer. The art of perfumery is a practice of patience and the best visionaries meticulously push a scent through rounds of the most minute tweaks (adding a touch of this, removing just a hint of that) until, like the case of our L'été 67, over 67 rounds have passed.

When Freddy and I sat with the winning composition housed in a small lab bottle with the project name followed by mod number, 67, it seemed fitting based on all of the original inspiration to keep the mod number. Turns out quite coincidentally that '67 happens to be Frederic's year. A perfect tribute to our secret weapon. While brainstorming a name to accompany the number I turned back to that Jean-Pierre Bonnotte photograph of Bardot and found details of it at an art gallery. Guess when it was taken? July of 1967. The type of coincidences that make your skin tingle. Accidental manifestation? At the least a creative conception coming full circle and we had a winning scent and the most fitting name to accompany it.

The summer of '67 is forever captured in our L'Été 67.

This perfume wears like salt-kissed skin, freshly dried from the sun's rays after a cool plunge into the sea. Delicate jasmine petals drift across a warm breeze as vetiver fronds dance in the wind. As the sun dips below the horizon, warm clove bud sparkles like glittering moonlight reflecting diamonds across the sea.

We hope you love as much as we do.

x Belinda


Top: Incense, Clove Bud
Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Red Seaweed, Aqual
Base: Patchouli, Vetiver, Myrrh Resinoid, Amber