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Benjamin Holtrop is a fashion stylist and art director based in Los Angeles, California. Benjamin recently took over our Instagram channel to walk us through rituals that ground, inspired by our Desert Nomad.


Ritual No. 1

Light some Palo Santo to create a calming and renewed space as you start your day. 

Ritual No. 2 

Turn on some tunes. Benjamin has been listening to the curated Desert Nomad playlist.

Ritual No. 3

Create something with your hands. It could be creating pinch pots with air dry clay, drawing, or even cooking a new recipe.

Ritual No. 4

Take time to pause and breathe in fresh air. Benjamin creates space for meditating and recommends the Headspace app.

Ritual No. 5

Wind down the day with a cocktail, with or without alcohol.


We hope that some of these rituals will help create a sense of calm and grounding.


With love,

Benjamin & ST. ROSE